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The Old Cheese Factory was built around 1690 and has been used at various times as a farm outbuilding, a Malt House and from 1835 to 1945 as a Cheese factory, producing Stilton Cheese. At the end of the Second World War the cheese production ceased and the building remained empty until 2002 by which time it had become derelict and uninhabitable apart from a few birds nests. At that point we decided to convert it into a high quality self catering property, retaining as many original features as possible. The lime ash floor, oak beams and various items relating to its previous history were retained and every effort was taken to develop the property whilst considering the impact on the environment and the surrounding wildlife in this beautiful area, on the edge of the peak District. Local craftsmen were used and extra trees were planted to complement the wildlife habitat that surrounds the property.

Our Aims:

  • To comply with all current and future environmental legislation
  • To reduce our operating costs and minimize our carbon footprint
  • To enhance our reputation as being environmentally aware and socially conscious whilst encouraging our guests to take advantage of local attractions and minimize their reliance on their car


  • Glass, cans, cardboard, paper and plastic are all recycled
  • Uncooked kitchen waste is composted
  • In creating a paperless system we always endeavour to use Email and telephone wherever possible
  • Used printer cartridges are sent for recycling
  • Ashes from the wood burning stoves are emptied onto the compost heap in the garden
  • Environmentally products are used wherever possible and subject to being adequate and suitable for the task in hand


  • Active energy monitoring programme in place to benchmark usage and help identify potential savings
  • Low energy efficient lamps are being installed when traditional lamps fail
  • During renovation The Cheese factory was fitted with the highest possible levels of insulation such that heating is rarely needed in the building
  • Low energy. Light senor lamps have been used to illuminate the exterior of the building
  • All radiators are fitted with thermostatic valves
  • The boiler is serviced regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and safety


  • Active water monitoring programme in place to identify leaks and help benchmark usage
  • Toilets have been fitted with water saving dual flush devices
  • There is a weekly check of all taps to identify any drips and prompt action is taken to repair any drips identified
  • Appliances A rated – The washing machine, dishwasher & cooker are all A rated for efficiency
  • Showers have been fitted in all bathrooms to encourage the minimum use of water


  • The Old Cheese Factory was renovated and maintained by local craftsmen
  • We always use local suppliers and promote local farm shops, restaurants & pubs
  • Supplies are purchased in bulk to reduce packaging waste and minimize the number of car journeys


  • Guests are fully informed on bike rides & walks that are accessible directly from The Old Cheese Factory thus reducing their use of the car and encouraging them to spend their time in the immediate locality


  • The garden was designed in such a way that the maximum number of trees, hedges & woodland was retained to create as much natural habitat as possible for insects, birds and wild mammals

Visitors to the Old Cheese Factory can help in simple ways by:

  • Using our recycling facilities.
  • Composting uncooked kitchen waste in the bin provided.
  • Switching off appliances, lights & taps, when not in use.
  • Report any dripping taps.
  • Putting sanitary waste, nappies etc in the bin and not down the loo.
  • Using the washing line in preference to tumble drying.
  • Not leaving doors and windows open when the heating is on.
  • Contribute any suggestions that they may have to allow us to reduce our carbon footprint even further.

The Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS)

This is the most successful environmental accreditation body of tourism related businesses in Europe including accommodation providers, visitor attractions, tour operators and conference facilities. GTBS was originally established in Scotland to promote good environmental practice in tourism throughout Europe. It covers issues such as business efficiency, waste management, transport and social responsibility.

The assessment considers energy efficiency, nature conservation; community support and general sustainability issues and dependant on the standards achieved businesses receive a bronze, silver or gold award. To gain a GTBS award, businesses are assessed once every two years by registered environmental auditors, who have considerable experience within the tourism sector. The Old Cheese Factory is currently graded 'Silver'.

We take our responsibilities to the environment very seriously at The Old Cheese Factory but, like many people we are learning as we go. For this reason we welcome ideas from all our guests and we positively encourage them to suggest additional ways in which we could reduce our carbon footprint even further.

Peak District National Park

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